we will hopefully be moving to a vacant hardees really soon, extending our hours and definatly our traffic
does anyone know if i purchase starbucks grinds can i sell there coffee?
not sure how that works, I mean I buy pepsi and resell it
how is starbuks any different
ps I am just offering black, decaf and a few flavors…
not the whole shop…
if there is no issue should i then also be able to sign
we have starbucks coffee

thinking also
sign out side has

               made with

[size=7]star bucks coffee [/size]

red barn,

I don’t think so brotha. It would be nice to sell Starbucks without having to pay any kind of royalties, but in the real world… it just won’t happen. If you sell their brand and are caught doing so without first contacting the corporation you will probably be in a world of hurt you just can’t get out of. Play it safe and call Starbucks, Inc. to see where you stand. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

try getting a cappicino machine and selling real cappicinos not that 7-11 garbage… its a hit at the place i worked at… we did espressos as well

Here is the link to start the process of becoming a Starbucks vendor:

The big difference between selling Pepsi and selling Starbucks coffee is this:
Pepsi depends on vendors selling their product. Starbucks is a store. There isn’t a Pepsi store. You can’t just advertise that you sell their coffee and not expect their legal team crawling all over you.
Please contact them first before you display their logo or their name on any signs. They pay alot of money to keep their brand and trademark in their control.

I agree that you should contact Starbucks just to cover your @#*, but I think they want you to sell it! I don’t think they would sell to Costco if they did not want Mom and Pops selling their Coffee.

got an email back from starbucks
from everything they have said its ok for me to sell there brand of coffee.
they gave me sysco’s number and said I purchase through them.
will do some more follow up.
thanks fschmidt99 for the link