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We are located in Southern CA and most of our customers are Hispanic. We currently do only take out or dine in. But with sales dropping, we are seriously considering to start delivery. Answers to the following questions will really help us.
[]Wouldn’t delivery cannibalize existing customer base? Therefore, sales increase is minimal but with more worries.
]How can we start delivery without too much of a commitment? We currently don’t have POS, CRM solutions yet.
[*]Any other helpful suggestions?
Thank you very much.

Yes, some of your current customers will order for delivery but you will also open up your business to a large number of people who wouldn’t choose to dine in and would choose delivery from one of the other nearby places as opposed to picking up from you. Delivery does have costs involved so you need to make a commitment to do it. That commitment doesn’t require a huge outlay of capital but don’t think that all you have to do is schedule driver and deliveries will flourish. A POS system is certainly very helpful but not absolutely necessary. There are forms made specifically for taking pizza orders manually and many places have been successful using these. I was doing over $15,000 weeks before switching to a POS system. I do believe the POS allowed me to grow from there to where I’m at today.

Other suggestions:? I could fill up pages and pages of other suggestions. Here’s a few that I think are pretty important to being successful in pizza delivery. Get a website with a menu and a link to a good online ordering site. Have your drivers use car topper signs on every delivery from day one. Focus on delivery times, no one wants to wait an hour for their dinner to be delivered.

Thank you…

Speedy delivery of quality chow at a fair price by people who seem like decent, polite and respectful human beings. And make sure your cars are well-marked so everyone your driver passes knows where they can order an awesome pizza!

PoS systems are a good way to manage your business and capture valuable data, and are a great investment that you CAN afford with the savings it will offer in the long run. Our clients love Point of Success for that very reason!

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I’m confused by the first sentence when you say “most of my customers are Hispanic”. Is that relevant or am I missing something?

To answer your question offering delivery would require a driver and that’s about it. Yes it’s easier when you have a pos and other things but not a requirement.

I just wanted to explain our demographic and hear if there are any things that I should do differently. Thanks.