Start Up Assistance

We are considering starting up a Pizza Lounge (dine in only, wood fired) in a country outside of the US (don’t worry about the implications of this) and require some advice:

  1. What is the basic equipment list?
  2. What business plan template/software is recommended?

Sounds like fun. Your basic needs really depend on the market you will be going into. I came over here to Japan to consult for LC 7 years ago, and I was not prepared for the tuna, corn, and mayo pizzas they were pumping out over here.

I also had no idea that Christmas Day was the #1 pizza day in the country. The first one I worked, we started the day with double the usual daily sales in pre-paid orders, and just got busier from there.

You also have to think about toppings and if the place you plan on setting up has a beef import ban, as that will affect pepperoni, sausage, and other meat toppings.

Cheese is also a hard thing to source in many places. The US subsidies milk prices, which only really happens one or two weeks a year, but that allows other countries to slap a tariff on US cheese, so IQF from New Zealand is far cheaper in many non-US markets. Interestingly enough, when I showed the tariff information to the US consulate here they denied that the US subsidizes milk or that there was a tariff. That goes a long way toward showing you how useless consular employees can be.

Give me a PM if you have any specific questions.


I realize this is an old post that I am resurrecting here. But, I am interested in the original poster’s question about obtaining a business plan template. I too am very interested in such a template. If anyone has a template to share, please let me know. I have an MBA with concentration in accounting. So creating pro forma financials are not hard for me. I just want to make sure I don’t leave out anything that is industry-specific. Thanks.

This has been referenced in the past and has some good downloads available.

also, works well combined with Michael’s information.