Starting 90th

Tomorrow I start my 90th year.
At my office 5 days. At home with computer evenings and weekends ready to help when I can.
George Mills

Congratulations George!

Nice! I guess you will be a little late getting up tomorrow morning … what with all of the frivolity, spirits, marching bands, dancing girls, etc. Just jokin. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday @George Mills. You are a valued member of the Think Tank. I appreciate your contribution to this community.

We all should be as hard as working as you.

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Happy birthday cheers to many more[emoji482]

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good for you George! ya don’t look a day over 89! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…Happy Birthday George!
you are the motivation for us to keep going… hope you enjoyed your day thoroughly.

Happy Birthday!

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Pizza must be the fountain of youth. Congrats George!