Starting DoorDash, What to Expect?

We recently opened our spin-off brand, a fast casual pizzeria with kiosks for order taking, a pick up window, and also taking phone orders (we were trying to go to more of a digital only model, but to this point, we’ll take the orders from wherever they come)

It’s been slow in the first month, comments are all good, reviews are all 5 stars but the growth is SLOW. We signed up with door dash last week and I need to review the menu, but we should be live shortly thereafter.

Should I bump my food orders? Does door dash promote you to first when you’re new so that you can see the value in it? We could get 0 orders from it or we could get 40/day, I just can’t gauge it. Any input is appreciated

I just started with DoorDash last week. I thought no one would order since I raised my prices by 30%. I figured if they wanted it bad enough they would pay for it. We are open from 4-9pm. We have received 6-12 orders a night in the last 4 days since we went live. Pleasantly surprised. We have about 9,000 people within 5 miles.


Thanks for the info. We have about 32,000 people in the local area, hoping we can do twice your numbers with our population difference. We’ve inflated 20% and are chalking the remainder of commission (10%) up to advertising.

Has the process been smooth? Drivers have picked everything up?

I recommend looking into Slice.

They use DD but regulated to one fee and only for small pizza restaurants.

Either way, I have had no issues in 2 years.

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Good to know, thank you!

Do you deliver? If you don’t, you can do self delivery. Door Dash will only charge 15% commission. Otherwise you are paying 30% commission.
I use On Demand Delivery Service, which is part of My delivery cost is $3 to $4 per delivery.
It will you a lot on 3rd party fees.

We don’t do in-house delivery with this concept, but we are utilizing doordash for that currently. So far, it’s been very helpful and I was surprised by the amount of ‘Dashers’. As far as fees, we are doing their highest platform where they take 30%, however, we inflated our prices 20-22% to help offset costs. Everything after that, we chalk up to advertising.

I’ll take a look at this other platform and see how it may fit in, thanks!

wait for an email that says your markup is too high.

They sent it to me and i ignored it and they deactivated my account.

Out of curiosity, how high was your markup?

we set it at 30%. The max they allow apparently is 20%

Interesting. That’s very odd they would do that. They make more money with your higher prices.

I agree with you but this was the email that said I was deactivated…

Congratulations Dear,
To boost growth on DoorDash optimize your menu create enticing promotions and ensure a strong online presence. Leverage social media to announce the partnership and encourage customer engagement. Monitor order patterns and inventory closely treating DoorDash as an experiment and be ready to iterate based on real time data. Best of luck with the expansion.

Hahahaha, found a spam bot

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There is another one on here, and these 2 are having conversations with each other.

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