Starting out need help with dough

I have been looking at buying my dough. I was looking at the pre formed dough. But wouldn’t that use a lot of space? Or should I make my own?

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I purchase dough in frozen ball form. I don’t have equipment or space for the production of my own . . . yet. I use three sizes, and the space needed is not all that bad, but freezer space is a must. We get dough or some size or another each time we order, and keep it moving through. We use Rich’s brand, and we are, quite honestly affraid to try any other because we are pleased with the product.

We use 4 full shelves in a 2-door reach-in freezer to handle the boxes of dough balls. Sometimes, during peaks or big months, we fall over into another 2 shelves. Add to that one full side of a reach-in for proofing/thawing dough, plus one side of our pizza prep table. So, we have dough everywhere, and management is somewhat more art than science.

One significant disadvantage of frozen, pre-formed dough balls is that once you use up all the thawed dough. You’re done. I have a warming cabinet that we use to ‘power thaw’ dough in emergencies, but it is use that night or discard. It will blow out with a heated thaw.

Frozen pre-sheeted does thaw quicker, does not require stretching as much, and stacks nicely in the freezer. Downside is the finished texture of the pie . … not what I want in my profile. Frozen par-baked is another option. I find the texture even less desireable for my pies and oven. They are exceedingly convenient for all sorts of applications, though. If you have a muscle oven, then you don’t even have to thaw the bases before building pies and baking them off.

I hope this little rundown of my experiences helps in some way.

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what size balls do you have
i mean,how do you make the diff in small,med,large,skins
do you reuse the cut off from a small to make another skin,or do you throw away the scrap,
most dough balls are a specific weight,do you combine more than one ball for a large skin
do you press,sheet or hand toss

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I order three weights for the three sizes of pies: 10, 12 and 16 inch. I use 9 oz, 13 oz and 23 oz.

Your preference as to thickness of crust may vary. I do not do pan or thin crust. I do sell a “flat” pie where I over-stretch the next smaller dough. I do not advertise “thin” because the dough formulation and our oven won’t give the thin, crackery profile most people would expect.

we hav efound that a 23 oz dough ball is really a 9 oz and a 14 oz smooshed together (so we can cut a small and med out of a large). The math works all sorts of well in terms of cutting out a wedge of one to make size. Two 13oz balls can make three smalls of 8+ oz each. tricky mashing them together, but we have a process.

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Roma makes an excellent dough - yes, they actually make it…called Astro I believe…nice thing is it comes in plastic “cupcake” type trays, rather than poly bags…poly bags sometimes you get “mis-shaped” balls…

Some friends of mine have built a 10-unit chain using this brand of dough…

they offer a 6, 16, & 18 size pie…the cut/trim down one size ball for the large pies & try 2 get 3 small pies…

I’ve had the Rich’s brand & personally believe Roma’s is better in many respects, but you won’t go wrong with either…

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whare can o find this Roma?

p.s what type of cheese do you use?

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Vistar is Roma, they are from NewYork New Jersey area. And Grande Cheese is what I use. But Roma has a cheese called Crown Jewel wasn’t to bad but don’t know about the price.


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from their web site…

Message from Roma of Portland

Welcome to Roma Food Enterprises, Inc.

Roma Food Enterprises, Inc. was created and founded by Louis G. Piancone.

A native of Corato, Bari, Italy, Mr. Piancone began his dream in 1955. Fifty years later, Roma Food still thrives as a leader in the foodservice distribution industry. Mr. Louis G. Piancone, Roma’s Founder, is Chairman Emeritus.

Roma Food specializes in Italian and Italian-American food products, and services many pizzerias, restaurants and other food/specialty shops throughout the US. However, Roma is not specifically limited to this market segment, and carries a variety of international food products, as well as a variety of nonfood items used within the foodservice industry.

Since the beginning, “quality service, quality products” has been the motto by which Roma abides. It is essential that each customer, from coast to coast, be served in the best possible way. Roma will never stop trying new ideas and techniques to guarantee top service and ensure that only the highest quality products are distributed.
Louis Kirchem … President
Steve Pettingill … Sales Manager

Roma of Portland
19606 Northeast San Rafael
Portland, OR 97230
503-661-1698 (fax)

I blend Grande whole milk diced w/ Gordon’s Food Service house brand whole milk 50/50… I believe their house brand is mfg by Saputo, from WI…

I’m also partial to Sorrento brand, that was purchased by US Foods a few yrs ago, but have not used that recently…

Grande is unique but expensive…you can get by using a lessor amount but I prefer blending

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What do you guys pay for frozen dough? I’ve only made my own. I calculated that mine costs a penny an ounce. I figure I go through about $5000 worth of dough a year at that rate (80-100lbs a day).

It can be fickle and annoying sometimes but I don’t see how you would save space. The only extra equipment you need is a mixer but you still have to store the dough somewhere when you buy frozen. It seems like you would need less freezer space which would allow space for a mixer.

The big plus for making it yourself is on breadsticks. I do bundle coupons with free sticks sometimes. The food cost including sauce, 2oz. souffle cup, paper, bag, garlic butter, and breadsticks is $0.33. The customer’s perceived value at menu price is $2.47. It beats the crap out of a $2 off coupon.

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very interesting numbers… I LIKE!

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Cannjot touch it. I’m paying 3 to 4 cents an ounce for the “convenience”. :o