Starting Tacos and Taco Salad


we are in the process of getting everything together to start serving tacos (on Tuesdays only) and Taco Salads (everyday). Just wanting to get your advice/tips on the process.

We are getting 8" soft shell tacos and 6" corn shells to deep fry for our hard shell tacos. We are also going to make our own salad bowls by deep frying the tortillas. We are going to invite friends & family in this Sunday to do some taste testing on some different recipes and get their feedback on taste and presentation.

Do you serve tacos?
What size tortilla do you use if you also make your own bowls?
Do you portion out your ground beef in bags on the line or do you keep it hot all day in steam table?
How much ground beef do you use for each taco? for each salad?
What do you use to dispense the sour cream?
Do you serve taco sauce or salsa with your tacos? If so, which one?

Sorry for all of the questions. We have a pretty good buzz around town about this and just want to make sure we get this right from the beginning! Any other tips and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.