Starting to re-build

OK guys its been 8 mos since closed about got everything taken care of with IRS and State tax now i need to start from scratch if anybody has any extra equipment (oven, prep table, etc) at a reasonable price I am driving a truck around the country and can pick it up or have a fellow trucker pick it up please let me know

can’t get the sauce out of the veins plus want to be close to home while my son is in Afghanstan

Semper Fi Nathan


Yes it does get in your blood!..

Have you considered a mobile operation?..Fitting up an old school bus or milk truck…Somehow the idea of no fixed lease is way less stressful in my mind…

actually i hadn’t but that actually sounds neat park outside the school and fairgrounds

Royce it thinking right up my alley there! I tell myself that “if” we were ever to have to shut this down…I’d look for a nice truck to convert and park that sucker anywhere I felt like roaming that day.

I don’t have much in the way of strictly pizza gear…but if you’re looking for a used Hobart gas convection oven, a brand new proofing cabinet, dough boxes…and shoot dozens and dozens of pizza pans…give me a holler.

I have a MM 250 “stuck” in my old building that won’t fit in my new kitchen. I have some labor I might be willing to trade for part of the cost if you have a few Marines handy.

I’m thinking of doing a truck for exactly the reasons Royce pointed out. And ask Nick about doing the events. He sold out by 3pm if I’m not mistaken. He doesn’t have a truck, but you can do well. And then find a home when there isn’t anything going on. You still pay a rent usually to park it and there’s event fees. Just my thoughts. But like I said, I’m headed that direction.

Ahhh thinking of Otis. :wink:

I think if I was ever gonna try working in retirement that is what I would like to do.

Sure do have good memories of Otis sharing his experiences and photos. He was the pioneer around here for mobile pizza.

Good luck to ya fat boy…I will look in the garage and see if we got anything.

I have a MM PS 350, Hobart HCM 450, and a 78" refrigerated makeline which has all been in storage for about a year as well as various small wares (SS Pans, disks, etc.)

Located near Athens, GA about 90 miles east of Atlanta. Email me @ and I’ll send pics