Startup costs

I own a bar called Dino’s and I’d like to sell pizza to boost sales at the bar. Right now I’m breaking even or making a small profit every month, so any increase in sales and traffic would go almost directly to the bottom line. I can get a used mixer, pizza oven, and other restaurant pretty cheaply. The only problem is I’ve never made a pizza before. I’m debating whether to just lease the kitchen out to someone that perhaps already has an operation in another part of town or to try to make a go of it myself. If anyone knows any experienced operators in this part of the country or someone that has added pizza to an existing bar and can offer some advice that’d be great. My main concern is getting in over my head in terms of operating it and not being able to cover the additional cost of labor, equipment, and inventory with additional sales.

What part of the country?

Do you have a fryer yet? That would be the easiest way to add some food in my opinion. You could do wings, chicken tenders, fries, onion rings, mushrooms, nachos, beer battered fish, and the list just keeps onnnnnn!

indie pizza,
I’m in Colorado Springs, Co. The Springs metro area has about 600,000 people and 3 military bases, with my immediate area having 1 independent carry-out, 2 independent delco’s, and 1 national chain. I have about a 15x30 foot area I can devote to a kitchen, and 5,500 sq feet total with 200 seats. I also have a corner location in my strip that I could do drive-thru and delivery out of easily.

I have a small self-contained fryer that I just bought. I can get a good deal on bigger fryers but I’d have to put in a hood, which I don’t have yet but could probably get used for about $1000.

Do it! It will more than pay for itself with that many seats if you are even half way busy! I owned a sports bar about four years ago that sat 227, and we cranked out a ton of food out of just a two well fryer, a 48" griddle with two burners, and a small 15" chargrill. With the griddle you can do pastrami and cheese, ham and cheese, philly sandwiches, quesadillas, even burgers if you don’t get a char, and during football season it makes great pancakes and eggs! You won’t be sorry! Pizza would do really well too, but it will take a whole lot more to get it going.

This article might give you some help in getting started with adding a food production element to your bar. It’s from the company I work at but you don’t have to buy from us. The article even gives advice for selecting a dealer. … plies.aspx