Statistics on Pizza Parlors?

Hi, I’m trying to put together a business plan and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some information on how much the average family of 4 spends on pizza and drinks per visit?


i think it has gone up, it’s around 26.50 now
depending on your county

Thank you for your guy’s help! I was also wondering about how much would you guy think is the gross margin on that average?

forgive me but for some reason…I thought they were being sarcastic …I have no idea why…so is it actually about $25.00 give or take a buck…? disrespect intended…

Why don’t you take all the menus from all the competitors in the market you are researching, and do your own calculations…be sure to check the readily available coupons and specials.

Unfortunately, if the numbers you wanted were readily available, business plans wouldn’t be so freakin’ hard.

Like Napoli said, you need to base the number on your local market. There are too many factors to consider to just throw out a number. I’m sure a pizza dinner for 4 in the midwest is a lot less than say New York City. Your business plan has to be based off of local market conditions or it’s not worth its weight in paper. Use local competitors, chains, etc. Then work in your concept and pricing to establish a target number. You may find it to be $25, $35, $45; regardless of what it is, it’s got to be more accurate than polling this board.

I’m pretty sure they were being sarcastic. If you’re trying to put a business plan together and ask a question like that, you’re probably not ready to start the business.

This is a very interesting number. Where did you find this one?

All the talk we’ve had in last couple years on the 'Tank mentions around $18 a month per household spent on pizza (granted, it’s dated info) presented by National Restaurant Association at some point in the last few years.

He asked WHERE to find the info, he didnt come here asking for a number.

Since he said he was just starting on a business plan it is obvious that he isnt ready, he is just starting to gather information.

oops, I thought he said ‘what’ - my apologies