Steak/Chicken Phliiy ideas

I have a steak Philly sub on my menu that sells pretty well, but I’ve had a few ppl comment on how the steak is bland. All I have in the kitchen are my ovens, so I just cook the raw, sliced steak on pizza pans in the oven in the mornings and then portion them to order before refrigeration. Right now all I add is a little salt and pepper before cooking the meat. When an order comes in I heat the meat up in the microwave for about 30 sec’s, put it on the sub roll (along with whatever toppings are ordered with it) top it with provolone and then bake it in the deck until the cheese is melted.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to flavor it up a little? I have no room for another piece of equipment, so a griddle is out of the question.

What we did at a restaurant I used to work at was cook as you usually do, but when reheating in microwave put a sprinkle of GRANULATED garlic on it. Worked wonders and everyone loved it.
I say GRANULATED, because it cannot be minced, powder, or garlic salt.
Granulated is a dehydrated garlic that wont scorch or turn color. And is POTENT, so use a dash.
Hope that helps

Another option is to purchase the steak already pre-cooked and seasoned. We’ve been using it that way for over two years and have been very happy with it. (on pizza, anyway)

The frozen, sliced steak pucks come seasoned pretty well, if that is an option. We sautée each sandwich to order with the desired veggies, so we get a good flavor profile in the pan.

A dry marinade for your meat should not be a problem. Heck, pick any of a number of steak or meat rubs/seasonings, grind fine, and sprinkle on the meat. If you salt the meat too early, though, you can dry it out or even get a gummy texture with some meats. If you are cutting your own meat from whole muscle, then brining is an option . . . . soaking in a strong slat and seasoning solution for a few hours. Heck, even a pinch of boullion or stock base could punch your flavor. Simply baking off beef can certainly yield bland results.

Flavors that can work well include garlic, onion powder, salt, tarragon, sugar, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, worcestershire, A1 steak sauce, steak seasoning, parmesan, and the list does continue (even dreaded MSG). You can season before or after with most of these, and results will vary based on what you use and when. I’m just throwing things out to try to spark an idea that will work in your operation and oven.

why not store it in au ju?

We buy a pre maranade, thin sliced steak. It is by far our top selling sub. Comes from a company called The Original Philly

not to be mean but your destroying the meat no need to cook it so many times. heres a suggestion take frozen sliced steak they come that way were i live im sure any one can get it . cook to order each order 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a saute pan add season salt or garlic salt when the meat starts cooking takes maybe 3-4 min. place cheese on top of meat while still cooking then lay your rollon top 2 min slide spatula under meat and turn over on roll add toppings your customers will love it .a large pan can do 2 at a time.

Pie_bar_guy started out saying he doesn’t have a griddle or cooktop to sautee with. He is looking for ovenable solutions. I am a huge fan of greasy hot metal against raw flesh :smiley: . . . be he doesn’t get to do that.

we buy precooked preseasoned sliced sirloin. For a philly, we use a 7" round foil togo pan. We put in the pan a preportioned 5 oz of sirloin, the veggies, and 1 oz of aujus, snap on the cardboard lid, and put it in the deck oven for about 8 minutes. It all steams in there together from the aujus. And yes, the cardboard lid gets dark, but does not melt or burn. Then we tong the mixture onto our 9" hoagie, top with provolone, and put back in the oven until the cheese is melted. OH BABY, ITS GOOD!

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So, you’re slicing the steak and I assume not “stacking” it or anything, so you have plenty of coverage area for seasoning.

I’d say you’re using too little salt and pepper. You might try marinating the steak overnight in soy sauce. See if that gives a noticable flavor (it might be a flavor you don’t like, but it’ll prove that the steak you’re using will hold flavor when cooked via your method). Then try (as previously mentioned) some Au Jus (you can buy dry packages of it). I’d not dilute it as much as the directions suggest and perhaps add some additional seasonings.

Also, check your current product to be sure that the issue is FLAVOR and not TEXTURE (as in dry).

When it’s time to run the pre-cooked meat through the oven, toss a little au jus in the pan with the steak (not a lot, just enough to sizzle and wet the meat). Use a seperate Au Jus for the cooked steak so you don’t cross-contaminate.

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