Currently our store uses steak strips but we’re considering putting a Philly sub/pizza on the menu. Looking for a flat steak that can be heaped upon pizzas or put into subs. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Answer is simple. You can precook the steaks in the oven or grill for your pizzas. Brand name of steaks depends on where you are. Ask for samples from your distrubuter or go to restaurant depot to try several kind.

do you have a grill? advanced has a good steak product - 3 or 4 oz portions - cooks up in 3 minutes or less

if no - run the product into your pizza oven to cook off
or cook product half way - then top onto pizzas -
practice to make it fit your systems

we have had great success with JTMS ez breakaway philly steak cost is .88 and is evenly portioned at 4oz

I’ve been real pleased with the product from Allied Steak. I’ve used it on both pizzas and subs, and when combined with some caramelized onion and Cheese Whiz, it makes a great Philly sandwich too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks guys. Can one order direct from Allied Steak? Do they have samples?

I called them directly (or emailed through their website) and they sent me samples of a couple of things. And they were quick. They won’t sell directly to you, I do not think, but they sell under the brand “Steak Eze”. USFoods and Sysco both rebrand the Allied products for their house labels. Other distributors may do the same.

You should be able to order directly from Allied Steak at <>. At the Dough Center, PMQ Pizza Show, Orlando, Florida we made a really big hit making and serving an assortment of our oven wrapped steak hoagies with with their product. I don’t know about the free samples, but it never hurts to ask.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor