Steaks, Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls

I have a Lincoln 2501… And someone told me i can cook steaks in it… Anyone ever tried this? Also looking for tips on doing cookies and Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls

Back when I was at AIB my right hand man if pizza research was Jeff Zeak, we both participated in Pizza Expo and while I was involved with my presentations and other Expo activities Jeff was working the XLT booth demonstrating their air impingement ovens. Jeff was a master at thinking outside of the box and he made a wide assortment of items in the air impingement ovens. He made ribs, chicken, steaks, cookies (Jeff also did extensive research on cookie production at AIB so this was his favorite), he even made brownies, probably a lot more too that I didn’t get to see.
You might contact XLT/Wolf Oven Company, Wichita, KS to see if they have any of his procedures that they can share with you.
Another good source for information might be Paul Tiffany at I know that Jeff worked with Paul on special baking platforms for some of the items he made, like a 36-inch diameter pizza (baked in 4-quarters).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor