Steal this from me for a great promo next Veteran's Day

Just passing along what a great day we had at the Pub!

Check out “Honor Flights” in your area if you aren’t familiar with the mission they do. This is a group that is devoted to making sure every WWII vet (and all Vets if suffering from a terminal illness) get a chance to make a trip to Washington DC to see “their” memorial.

We have a pretty active group in our area that has chartered 3 flights this Fall and has many more planned for Spring. My wife had the notion that on Veteran’s Day we would put the proceeds from all our burger sales as a donation to this group. She is also quite the baker and made up special “red velvet cupcakes” and pre-sold over 30 dozen with very little advertising. A bit of free publicity on a local radio station and a few table tents is all it took to increase our total sales today to insane territory.

We’re full menu but there is no reason a pizza only place couldn’t come up with a promotion to support this group that would bring them the same results. Yes…we’re moving quite a bit of those sales to Honor Flight, but, all the burger was donated, all the buns, all the cake mixes etc. and we had a huge number of folks trying our burgers for their first time. Win-Win.