Steamboat makes headlines..... again!

  1. Steamboat, Colorado
    Steamboat has one of the premier teen programs in the States. “Rough Rider” clinics are offered daily for kids ages 13 to 18. Afterward, teens can mingle among themselves in Night Owls, partaking in such activities as tubing and indoor climbing. Not to be forgotten, children ages 4 to 12 have five kids-only lifts and special ski terrain around frontier-style forts. At night, the Kids Adventure Club features supervision, movies, games and snacks. Or drag the entire family over to Steamboat Springs for a look at an authentic Wild West town. Also, be on the lookout for the Family Snow Festival, which usually happens during Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend. Last year’s performers included Smash Mouth and Mitchel Musson from the Hannah Montana series.

Looks good for you guys Steve, hope you have a great winter!!

Here’s hoping! I will make a standing offer to buy a round of beers for any any TTer that turns up in Steamboat. We can go have a burger! (and talk pizza)

BTW, we like this story alot too…: … ow-record/

Hey Guys,

I’m down in Frisco, CO and just opened a pizzeria (December 4th) inside my bar that has been in operation for almost 10 years. Things are going great and I am looking forward to all this early season snow really boosting our economy this winter. Hope you guys have a great holiday season up there. If you make it to Frisco stop by Jonny-G’'s Bar, Nightclub and now Pizzeria right on Main St.



Are you open for lunch? I get down there once in a while for one reason or another and will make a point of stopping in to say hi and have lunch.



Thanks and the same for me next time I’m in the Boat. We are opening at 4pm during ski season, just not enough people in town during the day. Please do stop by and introduce yourself and grab a late lunch!

Happy Holidays


Jonny, Will do. I am rarely in Summit County in the evening… I think the last time was when Jorma played at a bar in Frisco about 10 years ago. Other than that, I get stranded by weather and stay at Laquinta in Silverthorne every year or two.

Snowing here… Just a bit! 3-6 FEET expected in the next 48 hours: … steamboat/