Steamboat makes headlines.....

Just in the nick of time for the holiday season!! Tourism board gets the job done! Steamboat, Co makes msnbc frontpage!!

Here is the story… If any TTer is wandering out this way drop me a line:

Too bad they did not include a tidbit on where to order pizza! lol

We’re actually thinking about taking a trip to your area with the little ones after the holidays, kind of depends on how the store finishes out the year.

Steve, hope you guys get a boost this year!!

Things are picking up somewhat. It has been all of two years since the decline started and now, as of the end of this month, we will have been up 4 of the last 5 months with the “down” month being -4%.

Going forward, my guess is that the closure of our local Pizza Hut last week will help us somewhat, (It will help Dominos more).

Indie, be sure to get in touch!

BTW, four inches of snow so far this AM at my home. We have had about 40 inches on the mountain this week.