Been a while since you posted progress with your sales, hows things going now? Any improvement (hopefully?)

Actualllllly… Kinda weird that you started a new topic about it cause I was going to. But my father decided to throw in the towel on Monday. Overall it really sucks, and its going to be very hard within the next couple weeks, but he had to. Honestly, these past few days have been pretty happy for me, I feel freed and as if someone lifted all that weight off my shoulders. I’m pretty positive about everything, I refuse to be held back by this.

As far as the store, I have NO idea what we’re going to do from here. So many options.

But I do want to thank EVERYONE whos helped me in the past. You guys are so awesome.

Sorry to hear the news Steve…I know you have worked hard…Good luck in what ever the future holds for you…

PS…Go Canucks Go!..

Lets keep our fingers crossed that something positive comes out of this. Good luck!

you made the right decision.
i knew it was over when you posted about the fresh basil.
good luck