sticker printer

anyone know where i can get stickers printed for a schhol nite reminder to put on the students shirt

any help would be appreciated sells full color stickers at great prices.

send me an idea of what you want, and I’d print them for what commercial printers charge :slight_smile: Seriously, I can do lots of design work, and put onto some Avery labels for you. What sort of quantity are you talking about? B/W or color? Your log with a round sticker that has an outer circle of title text saying “School Nights” and the date?

We print our own stickers
We get them at


hey I like that idea, we are just emplimenting a school night, I really like the sticker idea

Stevie B’s pizza here in Newnan sends little stickers on the kids . . . we already have ours designed and are deciding if we want to print our own or get mass printing of general ones for all dates. It is amazing that teachers actually pin notes onto the kids’ coats to go home to parents.