I am thinking about getting stickers for our fundraiser nights at the local schools.

I was thinking something the teachers could hand out to the kids to remind them that “tonight is fundraiser night”

Anyone know where to buy such a thing?

Any thoughts on the idea?

We did the fundraiser nights last year and they were pretty good but I think with a little help they can be great.

Thanks for the help


I think that is a good idea. When I started doing salads, we had our local printer print 2000 stickers that said “Try Our Salads” on a bright green back, we put these stickers on a box from each order. I don’t recall what I paid, I think it was about $150-$200. They came on a big roll so it was very easy to use.

I can get you a price on labels, usually we beat everyones prices. What size are you looking for? Do you know how many? Also if you let me know what you were wanting to pay for each I might be able to get you something other than stickers for the same price. Keytags and fundraisier cards are not bad in price but it depends on how many, the more the less everything is. Let me know if I can help.

check out:

They have really great prices. I ordered stickers for my wing sauce bottles from them and they turned out great.

does either roger or keygirl have sticker that is 24 by 36 high resolution?
what does that usually run…something a little moisture resistant please

I’m a pizza shop owner. I don’t sell stickers. I was just suggesting that you check out gotprint. Click on the link below. It will bring you right to their pricing page for all of the different size stickers that they offer. … icing.html

That is quite the sticker?..A decal that size will run $4.00 to $6.00 a square foot…The print will be high resolution, however, the finished product will only be as good as the images you…If you images are small then you may not be able to go that big…