Sticky Cheese

We’re having a problem with our cheese. It comes frozen from the vendor and after being on the truck, when it’s delivered it’s “snowy” just barely frozen and excellent to work with.

The problem is, after a couple days in our walk-in or a few hours in the pizza prep unit, it becomes very sticky and clumps together. Do I have a problem with humidity? I’m hesitant to use a dehumidifier in the walk-in because our sub rolls are stored there too and I don’t want those to dry out.

Any suggestions?

You’re using it too quickly. During the thawing process, the ice crystals turn into water. The cheese will soak the moisture back up (that’s where the moisture came from in the first place). It sounds like you’re using it before it’s had time to re-absorb. Give it an extra day or two.

You can take a handful of flour and mix it in with the cheese for a “quick fix”.

From the days when I used frozen cheese it seems like I remember them saying to give the cheese a good three or four days to slack out just like snowman says.

I seem to remember old Papa John’s days when we used QLC cheese, after 3 days you’re supposed to take the bag out of the box, break it up like you’d do to ice before a picnic, and then stuff it back into the box.

But yes, it must be at least 3 days before you can use it. If not, you’ll have that dark brown “burnt” look on top of your pizzas. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

uh, ok. I guess the time is the problem - - if we use it right away it’s perfect. Since we have been waiting anywhere from 2-8 days before we use it, that’s where our problem is. We actually had 4-5 boxes that kept the clumps and molded on us.

We’ll try the flour - could it be anything else?

Maybe try this with a box…When it gets delivered leave it out for an hour or so to kind of kick start the thawing. This way maybe it will be ready sooner so that you don’t wind up with the mold! Have you checked with the manufacturer to see what they have to say about your problem? You may find that you need to change brands of cheese. Good luck!

I could’ve sworn the shelf-life of that frozen stuff was around 2 1/2 weeks. No way it should’ve gone to crap that fast.

Also, when you stack them in the walk-in, cross stack them with at least 2"-4" between the boxes for air circulation. Don’t stack directly on top, but in a pyramid fashion. This also increases circulation and cuts down on thaw time. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

Thanks for the help! The flour is working out great!! Trying the pyramid next to keep the problem from happening.

Thanks so much