Sticky stuff

Does anyone here know what that sticky stuff is called that holds subscription cards and what not in magazines?

It is basically a hot glue system. But why I must ask do u want to know?

And I might add, as far as I know it requires an industrial machine to use it.

I would like to use it for cross marketing with an automated car wash that I am building right next to my pizza place. The car wash has the ability to use these custom printed “dollars” in it and I would like to attach them to pizza boxes, but they have to be able to be removed from the box with no residue or they will not work in the bill acceptor of the car wash. I think they would also be good for attaching take-out menus to pizza boxes.

I had asked for a sample of these glue dots at one point in time but they never came. I hear they are supposed to work for what you want to do.

The price on them here in Canada is about 2 cents each

I tried the glue dots and they were terrible for my operation. They were MUCH more trouble than they are worth when trying to flyer hundreds of boxes at a time. Plus the boxes fell apart when less than half the dots were used. The product works well, just a terrible dispensing system.

Check here: … reg%3B+Pro

It may take care of Paul7979’s dispenser problems. Looks decent. I’ve always wondered about a better way to apply box toppers.

Thank you all very much!!! I think this is even better than the stuff I was thinking of because of that cool dispenser gun to apply it really fast! I really appreciate the help, and when I FINALLY get open I will let you all know how it works out for me! Thanks again, man I love the Think Tank!!!

You might want to look at the Avery (Removable Glue Stic) #AVE 00-156
We get ours from Capitol City Office Products, Inc.<>
But I bet any office supply store near you will carry it too. If you don’t wa\nt it to be removable, they also have a premenany version, and a whole raft of other more specialized Glue Stics too.
If you can draw a line with a Magic Marker, you can apply this stuff.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor