Still trying to sell....

There must be somebody out there (with some money) that wants a pizza biz that does $625,000 per year (not including taxes) and nets the owner 90K AFTER paying a manager 45-50K to run the place! (last year’s tax returns show more like 98K)

So far, I have people with money interested in buying my commercial spaces (I own my locations) and people without money that want the business!

I am willing to sell the business alone or with the real estate. If I sell the business and not the real estate the buyer can have a lease of any reasonable length at market rent. Our local bank says they will carry up to 50% of the business for a qualified buyer.

Anyone out there want to live in a ski resort?

Sadly the number of pizza shops you could buy for $30,000 far outweigh the number of shops like yours.

Just out of curiosity, what is the asking price?

i’ve got someone that just came in 2 days ago asking if they could buy the whole business from me… i have no idea on where to even come up with a price, i know our gross is just a few thousand under $500k a year… but our tax returns are all jacked up from the past 2 years because each year we expanded 100% larger then before. :?:

So is the 90k including zero rent or have you factored in average rent to get that number?

If no rent, then that number drops dramatically.

Good luck!

We own the property in a separate entity. The stores pay rent to that entity. The income figure is AFTER paying 55K rent. These stores make good money.

Where are you located in Colorado? I have fantasies of selling as well, so just curious.

I imagine that the cost of living in your area is quite high and the number of people wanting to own a business and live there to run it is quite low.

If you are cash flowing those kind of numbers and have a good manager running the place, why sell?

“If you are cash flowing those kind of numbers and have a good manager running the place, why sell?”

I am bored and want to do something else.

My business as a business broker is starting to take off.

We are opening a retail store in a different business alltogether which my wife will be involved with and could use the cash.

Despite the good luck with managers over 9 years, I can not just let it run; I do have to think about it and I just don’t want to anymore.