stock photos

Anyone here have a website or company that they get stock photos for menus etc. from?


call spencer @ Atlantic Marketing

301.231.6333…he specializes in pizza marketing and has more photos and designs available than anyone I have run across…

go to and see the front of my menu


I remember there being a thread about this a few months back. You might want to try searching for it on the TT archives. I think there were a few sites and companies suggested for such needs.

try cost effective & good search tools

I deal with a small sign company here in Quartzsite, AZ and they did a 3" x 6" foot wall menu for me…said they could use the “stock” photos on the internet but was just as easy to use my own…
I photoed my pizzas, e-mailed to them and they put them on life size, my own pizzas, which I am proud of, and they look great…
technology is there, just find someone that will do it…

…I have gone the stock route before and I am much happier with photos of my pizza…then I am not like Domino’s though,
all the ad companies told me it was a bad idea to use my own photos !?!
hope that helps,

You got lucky - the reason they told you not to use your own pizza is because it is VERY DIFFICULT to make food look good in a photo!
I’ve seen a lot of icky looking food on people’s menus and ads. And I’ve had little success the few times I’ve tried to capture the beauty of one of my pizzas with a pic.
It’s certainly nice to use your own - more honest, and worth trying. Even go hire a professional food photographer if you’ve got the means to…

I’ve used istockphoto too, once or twice.

I think my actual pizzas look better that photoos of my actual pizzas, but it feels good to tell the customers the truth…
we put up “actual” sizes and it turned out my 20" pizza was 19.5" on menu wall, but OK by me…what is it, under promise, overdeliver…

What kind of cheese do you use?

If you use Grande, they have tons and will design your menu for you.