Stone conveyor oven?

Hey has anyone had any experience with a stone conveyor ovens? Are they worth it do you get a deck quality finish at they tempermental do they eliminate the need for an experienced person at the oven? What’s your experience ? Thanks for your comments!

My oven repairman has warned me off these ovens…for now.

He says that the current model of oven has gears with very fine teeth and they grind down relatively quickly, causing the conveyors to work improperly. He says he doesn’t want to service them anymore, because having to make repeated visits in a year for the same issue makes it look like he’s a bad repairman.

He advises waiting to see if this issue is addressed in the next model.

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A shop in a town close to us had a double deck stone conveyor it was broke as much as it ran and they bought it new
year later out of business

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Are you all talking about the Hot Rocks oven or a different oven?

The experience of using this oven is awesome. It’s like having a comforting friend who helps you cook food. Cook time is reduced and the amount of energy saved is considerable. My family loves to have happy hour or dinner at home in this oven.

sandersbud4, are you a bot?


Yes there is also another brand I can’t think of the name right now

That’s what I was afraid of it sounds good in theory but if it always breaking down it’s useless.

Italforni. Made in Italy. Stopped selling them to US market when covid started.