Stopping Delivery?

anyone out there in a small town ever stopped delivery and if so how bad did it effect your business?

Fat Boy,
I just started mine in my small town in September.
Daily I think about discontinuing it, then I think about how the business would drop off up to 50%, then I trudge on.
Already gone through 4 drivers, mostly honest, just have not keep up with the job.
I know it’s tough, I was a local courier in Chicago for 3 years, and I did not have to handle money there.
I there a way to do it better ?
I own 1 car that I pay someone to drive. Sometimes I need 2, if I put 2 on all the time, the financial side turns red.

I think it is a matter of critical mass, ie, have enough business that 2 or 3 drivers are needed and under or over staffed the volume would take care of it.
I want to remain small, 50 to 100 pizzas a day…
I’ll keep working on it and keep the financial in the black,


dont stop

Instead of stopping delivery maybe you need to: 1. look at your delivery area ( how far away do you deliver), 2. think about running deliveries from the hours of 11:00AM to 2:00 PM then start back up again around 4:00PM till close.3. incorporate a delivery fee which if your using your own veichle you can help to offset your cost or if your driver uses his you can help him offset his.