Storage containers?

I wonder if anyone could tell me roughly how many quarts it takes to store 5 lb. of shredded cheese?

I am trying to spec out some different storage solutions. If you have any particular brands you like also that’d be great. I was looking at the Rubbermaid commercial line (NSF listed).

1 lb is about 1 quart…

… but you didn’t say how many quarts to the 5lb :stuck_out_tongue:


I can easily store 15 lbs shredded cheese in a 16qt container. I use Sterilite plastic boxes that I get for $4 apiece at Big Lots, including lid. They last for a good 6 months to a year before getting small cracks. they get LOTS of use in my shop . . .chicken wings, raw . . . chicken wings par-cooked . . . cheese . . . lettuce mix . . . sugar . . . flour/cornmeal mix . . . and dozens of other uses.

Raw chicken wings? I hope, hope, and hope that these are NSF approved containers.

Sure. Why not.