Storage for your shredded mozz

We used to grind our cheese and they stored well in bus buckets with tops. I’ve switched to shredding our cheese, and it gets a little clumpy (used within 8 hours of shredding). What do you guys use to store shredded cheese? How long does it last? What container do you use on your pizza table?

What are you using to shred the loaf? We don’t use a shred but wish we did. Better coverage. We are using a Stephan VCM 40 to grind/dice WM loaf Mozz. 3 loaves for 25 sec. We store it in full size 6" deep pans and it drops right into our Randell prep Table. We always keep a hefty inventory on hand because we don’t like to use the cheese the same day of the grinding. It warm up a bit and may clump. It keeps over a week.

I use a Hobart attachment. I’ve been thinking of going back to 6" pans. We normally are shredding 12-16 loaves. It’s WAY quicker to shred than to grind (Hobart meat grinder attachment at 3/16") I like the coverage better with ground cheese, but not by a lot. The time savings alone (not getting cheese stuck in feeder) is worth it. I’m going to experiment with a 1/4" die next. How large a die are you using?

like this:

We recently were forced to get shredded cheese rather than our normal block cheese. It clumps almost as much as the cheese we shred ourselves. I shred into a 6" full pans which I use in the table. The longest I have held shredded cheese is about four days. I had no issues at four days.

How many 6" pans do you shred a day? How many do you use per day?

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WE" build to" 18 Pans at a Low point of about 6 pans. Our VCM cuts the loaf cheese into a diced product.
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We shred a case of block cheese using our Hobart with a shredding wheel directly into our bus buckets - 4 loaves to a bin, with a lid. I found if we put a baking parchment sheet on the top before the lid goes on, if any moisture condenses on the top, the parchment keeps it from dripping back in. We use it up within 4 days, but there are some times we are away up to 5 or even 6 days. The only time we had any problems was in a replacement cooler where we keep the dough next to our dough table, the cheese bins were kept in the bottom, it just seemed to not hold cold enough and it tended to spoil within 3 days. We moved the bins to a different (better regulated cooler) and we’ve not had an problem since. Check your storage temp.