storage of canned artichokes after opening?

What is the best way to store artichokes after opening the can?

In a plastic container. You should never store anything canned in the metal can it came in.

We marinate ours in herbs/spices, salt, pepper, a little sugar, Olive oil and white wine vinegar and store them in a large screw lid glass jar. They keep really well kept in the coolroom.


We use Cambro plastic containers, and get a good 10 to 14 days shelf life after opening.

What life do others get? Or do you move them so quickly that they don’t last 5 days?

Keep them in a plastic container. I go through about a case of Artichoke hearts a month. So I don’t wory about spoilage, however I suggest that you dont keep any vegetable longer than 10 days. I usually cycle them out every 7 days(dominos pizza shelf life).

“Dominos Shelf Life Structure was built on the premise of tossing the product after 70% of its useful life had expired, this at times meant throwing away what looked like good product. But this policy help minimize foodbourne illnesses, and cross-contamination in the walkin, and makeline, and help maintain a fresh product cycle. It also built in a 30% fudge factor, cause they new that some of there employees, and franchisees would cross over the line and carry products well past there shelf life”