Store Decor

In the process of opening first store. Our building is mainly brick and windows. Where and who have you guys used to get decor ideas? The building is 3000 sq ft and is a former fast food place so I need to make it look very different. We have opened up the kitchen, changed the roof. Now I am at a loss of what else to do.

Are the bricks bare or painted? There is a very cool coffee place in a nearby town. They used the vintage brick look and wrapped a very modern style around it. Here’s a link to their website. Unfortunately, the pictures don’t do it justice. The place looks great.

I pondered using an interior decorator for my place, but opted to get suggestions from friends and family and doing it myself. I saved about $5K. I often get kudos on the decor, but I wonder what a professional would have done differently.

Good luck.

The bricks are bare, but by do not have any character to them at all.

If you want to look different - then the past fast food restaurant OR any pizza place around you - have your image created (Branded - logo, colors, standards & usage guide, website, marketing material, etc…) and design your decor around that.
We had our location professionally branded and had a designer do the interior when we remodeled and expanded in Jan. '06. We were very happy with the entire outcome - sales rose over 25%. Granted, it is not a cheap way to go, but can pay off big dividends.
We had been operting under the same “look” for 15 years - great product, great service - but same boring look. The rebrand lit the place on fire and brought in all sorts of new customers. If you have the opportunity to start fresh that way, I would definitely do it.
Just my opinion…
Sammy B.

With the right designer, bricks can be a huge design asset. We are actually going to “create” brick walls in our dining room when I build the walls from stud and drywall. Covering the entire wall in drywall joint compound, and sculpting bricks and such. they will be a cornerstone to the decor and potentially creating an aged Tuscan villa/old brick building feel in the brand new construction area.

your at a loss ha! ha! trying going from a shed 432 sq feet to2400 sq feet of metal building (pole barn) nothing in it building from ground up on inside were using alot of coated galvinized metal inside for kitchen walls and t-111 rough cut siding our new building will be called the barn instead of pizza barn will do lot of wild and crazy different stuff hanging from rafters walls etc. will be quite busy inside plus two flatscreens will be set up as QSR should work nothing like it up here .

You should try the brick paneling. DPI makes one called Carriage House that looks fantastic. I was going to use it myself until my vendor told me that it would take him 5 weeks to get it. You would not need to use any drywall then. I still may wait for it. I was going for the Papabellos look. Green beaded wainscoting and then the brick over top. I really think it would look great.