Store for Sale

It has been a while since I posted this so…

Delco located in a million-skier-day Colorado resort town.

Established 1999

Sales ~450K

Food, supplies, paper cost (if we use it up, it is in this number) ~28-29%

Labor excluding manager (I do not work in the restuarant at all) ~21-23%

Occupancy expense (rent, common area expenses, tax, building insurance) ~9-9.5%

Stacked pair of MM super 70 ovens WIDE belts (can do two 18" side by side in each of them)
Large walk-in. About 500 square feet of dry storage. Norstar phone system. 6 station touch screen POS.

I already sold the slice location (closed on the deal last month) so now this is just the delco.

I also own the real estate. I am willing to sell the business with or without the real estate. I am also willing to sell the business with a new lease and an option on the real estate.

PM me if you are interested and actually have access to $$.

Where are you in Colorado? I may have an interest. I travel to Co. alot and have a home in Gunnison and a son who lives in Salida.

Check your private messages.