Store Hours

I am currently open 11am-9pm & was wondering what you guys would do in my situation. With baseball games & such going on in the evenings for the next 2 months would you advertise staying open til 10 or just do as I have been doing & staying open as long as there are customers coming in to eat? It has only happened 4 times in the last 4 weeks so it is not an every night occurrence. Thanks for any input!

Do you tag cars at the ball park?..

We open from 11 to 7:30 but stay open as long as they come in. If after 7:30 we go 1/2 hour without anyone we close

I wouldn’t advertise later hours if I were you. But as long as people are coming in I’d certainly continue to take them !

Yea we did a couple of years ago but got almost no response back. Have not tried it since.

Personally I’d concentrate on catching people before they goto the ballpark. after a game they are all Hot Dogged, and Beered up and usually don’t have alot of room. If you are going to hit up the park with flyers I would advertise a special for a “pregame” special.

If you are going to flyer hit up - you can usually get 1000 FREE 4/4 one sided full UV coated card stock flyers. Reason they are one sided is they have an advertisement for their company on the other side but you just pay shipping for those flyers.


The same place double sided for like $150 for 5000 of them. Best deal I have ever found on flyers. They also do cheap business cards.

Free some times costs you more than you think…Consider that it there is a print shop in your community and if you are advertising some sort of out of town business, folks may not like that…So your response may not be as good…Any thing you do that lowers response costs you sales and the lost profit on those sales must to calculated in the cost of free…If you really need to lower your costs you should consider producing a co-op flyer with some other local merchants…

:smiley: Which is exactly what I am doing…This past thursday we had no orders after 7pm which is my reasoning behind closing at 9. We live in a small town & the bars close at 11 & legally they can stay open til 1am. Thanks for all your responses!

What town do you live in? I lived in Idaho (Driggs, then Boise) for about 10 years before coming out to Hawaii.

I live in Kimberly…which is a bedroom town to Twin Falls.