Store Manager Manual

I had my manager walk out mid shift last Friday due to a disagreement with me. Not to bothered about it outside of now having to work 6 - 7 days a week ( :frowning: ) until I hire and mould a new manager to our operation style.
Is anyone out there have a detail Managers Manual that they could email to me
I know you guys in USA operate different to us but if I could glean something from your manuals to further improve the managers position it would be great
Bear in mind this is not for a General Manager only an Operational Manager (Team Leader) reporting to a working owner. No hiring or firing, just running of shop - stock control and ordering, staff training and development, pizza and dough making/management, liaison at all levels, money control with some banking responsibility, etc
If you guys could email anything you have to it would be greatly appreciated

Nick - that job is now open for you :wink: