"Store Money" promotion

I am thinking of printing up some $5.00 “store money” to use as a promotional tool.

The concept would be that the customers redeem the “store money” as $5.00 off their pizzza order.

We do tastings inside the shopping centre we are in on late night trading nights and was thinking of handing these out as people sampled our pizzas. Hopefully they then use the “store money” on the night of the tasting with the tasting being the catalyst to think about our pizas and the “store money” as the cruncher to buy.

Also looking at doing as a box topper for a short period, or selected suburb letterbox drops with our menus.

Just looking for something a bit different to what everyone else does.

Ideas / discussions ??


Obviously you aren’t in the US, but you might check on the laws. As I understand it, creating anything that resembles money that is the same (or similar size) to real US money is illegal and can get you a visit from the feds. I’m talking about OBVIOUSLY phony stuff like would be used for such promotions, but still highly illegal.

I’m not mimicing real money but doing our own.

We not as tough as you guys when doing peomotional money. Some even have it so close looking as the real stuff, but much bigger size, that I even am amazed they can do it. I guess as long as you don’t use “real” money as the base to work from and take out all references to real money then you are OK.


Yeah - plus even in the US, there are specific things you cannot do. But you COULD create a coupon that resembled money a little bit - enough to identify it as “worth money”.

One of the best promotions I ever had was with a school program that awarded kids with little “dollars” for doing their homework, and then gave them a list of places that would accept their phony money.

TONS of kids came in to “buy” a slice (free, really - but it FELT to them like they were buying their own slice). And we were new - the kids had never been in, THEY BROUGHT THEIR PARENTS, and we got a whole bunch of new customers.

Off topic - but the point was - the school system was handing out phony money…

In Canada you see lots of places that take “Canadian Tire Money”…RCS…

Even me.

I seem to recall some guy in the US named Walt Disney who printed his own money for exclusive use in his stores. So there is a presidence set.

Hello Dave,Its a gr8 idea,I did something like that before.When family came in w/ their children I would go up to them and ask if I could challenge their kids to an arm wresting comp. and they could win 5.00 of goomba money,and of course I would always let them win.The kids would love this just because they think they earned it.Was pretty hillarious actually.But it worked like a champ!

We had business cards made up for cheap…

They said “Pizza Dough”

We use them for all kinds of stuff. We trade 1500 of them with the phone book people and they give us 2 full page ads and coupons. The salesmen use them while they are in our area selling. They give them out to people who buy ads.

We give them to the hotel front desk and 100 menus. They pass out our menus…we feed them.

I give them to employees for free food if they do a good job.

Make sure to put on there they have no cash value. No change. Can’t be used as tip.

Very handy to have…

This is one of my best promotions. I call them Moo Bucks (Cowtown Pizza). I send one out with every delivery order. They are business cards that look sort of like cartoony money on the front and the back says use just like cash at Cowtown Pizza, phone number, address, etc.

I have a loyalty reward card for carryout where we punch holes for each purchase and the 10th one is free. The Moo Bucks were designed to carry the idea into delivery. People love 'em! They see it as something they have to spend not just as a dollar off coupon.

sounds like a great idea cowtown, but how do you prevent fraud. Suppose they were to punch holes in the card themselves, how would you know?

We have a custom hole punch in the shape of a cow for the loyalty reward card plus I use it as a “validation punch” on the Moo Bucks to prevent anyone from copying them. I also only allow managers to hold and pass out Moo Bucks in order to prevent employees from stealing them.

We have a loyalty card with a stamp for every $20 spent (excluding deliveries). The stamp is our logo.

When they get 10 pizza bases stamped they get a large (13") “Special” or equivalent value large pizza free.

Love the cow cut out hole punch - very novel and in keeping with your name.