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I just purchased a pizzeria after working there for over 3 years. Previous owner never advertised it or promoted it in any way. He just developed excellent recipes, based on which our pizzeria got a relatively small, but loyal customer base. Now that I’m in the driver’s seat I’m looking to market it, and hopefully take it to the next level. I just signed with Mailshark (which I’m very excited about) and looking for other marketing opportunities. One company that’s been soliciting my business is offering to print my coupons on receipts in local grocery stores (Ralphs, Wild Oats, etc). They claim it’s like “direct mail on steroids”. Has anyone tried it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Run Away Fast. I have never heard a success story from a pizza shop with grocery store receipt coupons. The ROI is very low from what I have read over the years.

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Appreciate it!

Another owner near me, uses the grocery store receipt program, BUT she is literally in the parking lot. AND they only do it at that store. So if you are not in the exact same situation, run. Run fast.

We did it several years ago. It was OK. For the right price I would do it again. When we did it before we went with 6 months. Then they nearly doubled the price and we dropped it. The sales rep was in a couple of weeks ago trying to sign us up. They only have 3 other businesses signed up (including MacDonald’s who are not idiots) and I offered what I was willing to pay but they turned it down.

A few key things to ask: 1. No other pizza places. 2. Ability to change your offer with no fees at least once per quarter. 3. How many coupons are they selling? If more than about 5-6 forget it. 4. Get rate locked for a while or they try to up-sell you to stick around. 5. You can negotiate a better price if you pay once per quarter or even for 6 months at once rather than monthly.

This is very informative and helpful. I sincerely appreciate your advice!


Congratulations! I can understand why you’re excited. A new canvas to paint as you see fit.

I try to avoid posting self-serving messages but when asked directly for referrals, I allow myself but I’ll keep it brief.

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