Storefront Night Time Appearance

Neon? Vinyl? That hand drawn painting stuff? What are some ways you get visually noticed?

Recently, the village slapped us with a citation for having our windows more than 50% covered (but the sign guy out of our town didn’t know that :roll: ). I had it nicely vinyl’ed up, and now half of it is gone.

Right after the vinyl was put up, we then realized that we needed an open sign (d’oh). So now my dad really believes we should just redo all the (50%) windows in neon to attract more people.

We sit a little bit above the road level about 30-40 yards away. For a visual, we have a small tenant panel spot in the stripmalls monument sign right off the street and a channel letter sign above our store. Also, pretty much our whole stripmall has some neon in them that runs pretty much all night even though they close before 7. So I’m not sure if just blending in will help.

Look into LED lighted signs. They are cheaper to operate and just as bright.

Not sure I agree with that, Daddio. You can get very bright LEDs that may be brighter but those office supply signs are not that bright. In addition, LEDs are very directional, so from an angle are not as bright. That being said, I would prefer an LED sign as well, since it is VERY inexpensive to run and purchase. Much safer with the lower voltage, too.

We did not discuss this, but I would not use LED for outside signage. LEDs do burn out and even if you can replace single LEDs (normally you cannot), the new LED will be brighter than the existing ones. Looks off.

To do what?

check w/local code enforcement 2 see how much grafix u can put on your window - may include neon or led signs…

My sign guy tells me that anything you can do with neon can be done with LED lights.

read the code exactly! I think it will make exemptions for window tint (you can now get window tint) perferated. and printed on, so it doesnt apply as paint or graphics…worth a look

I like neon better too. I used and got a good price for a sign that really stands out. You have to be careful with what you get when using LEDs.

UPDATE - We took down all the vinyl and put up 4 neon signs this morning, so so so much better. We made an open sign, brick oven pizza, a pic of a salad with the word salad, and a fast hot delivery sign. You can see it all from outer space! I wish we would have done it months ago. It was quite expensive, but it will pay for itself.

Pics, Steve!