storing dough?

we are going to have a dough press for having pizza ready on a covered rack. how long can it stay on the rack before saucing and cheesing?

Why not cover and put in the cooler?

We are considering rolling, putting on screens, lightly oiling, putting fresh micro basic, oregano, and garlic on it, then storing in the walk-in. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour ahead. Just enough to get a jump on the rush.

We rack up about 4 racks of skins ahead of the rush. Each rack holds 18 skins. We do it starting about an hour before the rush and just leave them out on the line.

We roll out our whole lot every day finishing about 1/2 an hour before 5pm opening.

Friday we roll out 120 x 13", 25 x 10", 36 x 15" and 15 x 18". All go onto 18 capacity racks like “bodegahwy” and on our rack above the make bench (holds 40 x 13"). The ones that will be used later in the night are covered in plastic bin liners and they tend to stay really moist (probably slightly sweat under the liners) and cook up great anything up to 8 hours after rolling out. No problems and no inferior taste or quality.


You mean they taste the same as the rest of your dough, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but not like yours, frozen dough ball man … ha, ha, ha :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Big Joe,

I think that depending on your yeast level and ambient room temp . . . you should be able to keep a dough ball covered in your shop for a couple hours without troubles. AS Dave mentioned, I use a frozen ball. They tend to be extra yeasty to survive the cold, so I get a coupe hours, tops, before they start over-proofing. they over-rise on the ovens and get bubbles too much after maybe 2.5 hours. Once we pass 90 minutes, though, we are committed ot using or throwing out. No saving to the next day.