Straight from the can sauce

I am looking for a pizza sauce that I can use straight out of the can for a mobile pizzeria and mass pizza production. Tried Stanislaus Full-Red Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce and while it’s a premium sauce, it tastes too much like tomato sauce and not enough like pizza sauce.

I would love to hear any suggestions. Don’t have time or space to doctor up any from scratch type sauces. Thanks!

Try Don Peppino Pizza Sauce. No doctoring up needed. It is a very good sauce. Here in Upstate, NY all of the distributors carry it. It is also available at Sam’s Club.

I have tried it as well, and Iwould have to say that direct from the can it is pretty good for a canned fully prepared sauce.

Nothing can beat stanislaus products.

Are you a pizza operator???

We are opening in two or three weeks. The Full Red ready to use is a nice sauce but tastes too much like tomato paste.

To be totally honest, I blind compared it to Ragu sauce from Wal Mart and the Ragu won 4 out of 5 people.

I’ll see if Roma/Vistar carries it. Using them as my main supplier. I am going to ask the salesman if they can give me some more samples.

I have to agree with pizzatime on the Stanislaus

just my opinion

I found people prefer fresh pak crushed(or ground, w/ or w/o the skin)
lightly seasoned…PS: lighter the better, none is preferred by discriminating taste. brands not so picky, any good fresh pak tomatoes have worked for me

the only nontraditional thing I use is fresh lemon juice , about 1/2 ounce per #10 can,

I’ve tried the Ragu and thought it was pretty good. We usually use Arezzio or Raffinato fully prepaired w/cheese though.

You may want to try Stanislaus pizzaolio. Great product right out of a can. If you call stanislaus they will send you samples, but sounds like you are in crunch time. When are you opening? Good luck to ya.

Even Stanislaus will tell you that they season their fully prepared products to not overpower the tomato flavor. They are selling tomato flavor, not basil and oregano. Some people like heavy seasoning, some don’t.

Another idea Mike, if you have a flavor you like, make up spice packets in advance, open a can, mix the packet in and poof, instant sauce. It’s as simple as measuring out your spices and dumping onto a piece of plastic wrap… put all of the seasoning together, wrap it up and you’ve got your own signature sauce and only you know exactly what’s in it. :slight_smile:

Let’s face it guys, some people like rabbit pellets over real sausage. Quality, etc can’t overcome “this is what I like”.

You’re right on the money snowman. I almost feel like I need to convince them that Stanislaus is what they SHOULD like :slight_smile: I am going to try the spice packet idea although right now Ragu at $2.90 a can (Sam’s Club) is looking very tempting, especially since my tasters are preferring it over Stanislaus. When I told this to my distributor I felt as though I was insulting him :slight_smile:

Be careful on Sam’s. They switch products somewhat regularly and the worst thing you can do is have a “signature recipe” and then something happen to cause you not to be able to use those products.

Maybe check with the Manager of your Sam’s club to make sure they will keep getting it in. The one here in Tucson has had it for at least three or four years so I would say they are going to keep it, but you never know. I am sure that if you are buying any decent quantity of it they won’t want to lose your business.

Our sam’s has paletts of the Ragu. I would rather buy the Stanislaus though, because it is DELIVERED. I called Stanislaus and they were very helpful. I explained I was looking for a spicier flavor and they recommended their Pizziaolo sauce, of which they’re sending a local rep out with some samples. I am going to try that, mixed with full red, or maybe with some spices. Costs are negligible and the Stanislaus is a much beter product, so I am doing my best to use it if I can get the tomato flavor toned down a bit.

try to use dei fratelli fully prepared…good stuff.