Strange Combinations for Pizza

I was wondering if anyone else has done any pizzas that are out of the norm? Maybe using country fried steak, chicken gizzards, mashed potatoes, corn, fried green tomato, items such as those? Can you tell I’m from Georgia?

We have:

bbq rib pizza - bbq sauce, tender bbq rib meat (without bones), cheddar and mozz cheese (best seller)

french fry pizza - ketchup, french fries, cheddar and mozz cheese, topped with bacon

spinach artichoke dip pizza - spinach artichoke dip spread on a crispy crust topped with artichoke hearts and spinach

mexican pizza - really tasty enchilada sauce, chicken, black olives, green peppers, onion, cheddar and mozz cheese

mmmmac n cheese pizza - our special cheddar cheese sauce spread on a crispy crust, topped with al dente macaroni noodles, cheddar and mozz cheese. Add bacon to make it even more to die for.

philly cheesesteak - our special cheddar cheese sauce spread on crispy crust, topped with sauteed steak with caramelized onions, topped with mozz cheese.

Then too you’ve got the Rubin Pizza, and the BLT Pizza, and the Cheese Burger Pizza, that’s the best part about pizza, the fact that you can just let your imagination run wild and invent different toppings, combination of toppings, or even pizza presentations. Righ now, I’m thinking of those green tomatoes. How about slices of green tomato to replace the sauve, then add okra, bacon and artichoke hearts, top off with a little Feta Cheese. Like I always say…“An imagination is a terrible thing to waste”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Ooooh . … green tomato sauce. Puree Green tomatoes in processor, add seasonings like cillantro, coriander seed, light hand with jalapeno or other chili, lime juice/zest . . . . use sort of like tomatillo sauces. It will be FAR from the sweet tomato we are used to, and it could create a whole new flavor sensation.

Then there is the entirely different direction of mock mincemeat. A sweet/tart flavor profile with cinnamon, currants, and apple. Just thoughts . . .calzone or panzerotti.

There you go, doesn’t that imagination sound good? It sure does to me! LOL
Tom Lehmann/TDD

hmmmm, might have something here . . .

I have a shrimp pizza that uses a green sauce. It is a home made pesto though. Throw that down, top with cheese, onions, shrimp, fresh garlic slices, and shimeji mushrooms.

Another huge seller has mayo as the base, cheese, and bacon bits. Cook it, and then top generously with fried onions.

Teriyaki Time was a teriyaki sauce based chicken pizza. I used teriyaki sauce, then cheese, onions, teriyaki chicken, and finally mayo. I also did a version of that with lettuce added after it came out of the oven.

I also did a BBQ sauce based pizza, but it didn’t sell very well.

what about a spicey cilantro pesto base with black beans, tomato and onion?
Avers pizza in bloomington In, does one called a cuban black bean its great
had one yesterday, Thanks Brad
my wife however loves their crimson and cream…

you got a website for them? Or how much they charge for a large one?

Since I’m in Japan, you wouldn’t believe the strange combinations I could tell you about…

This topic seems to come up a lot:

Ball Park Pizza:
Brown Mustard Base
Sliced Polish Sausage

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Base
Baby Spinach
Red Onion
(great Vegetarian pie)
+Chicken (for us meat eaters)

we have a few…

Chili cheese pizza
chili base, montrey jack and cheddar cheese, jalopenoes, topped with crumbled fritos after cooking and served with a side of sour cream

greek pizza
hummus base, mozz cheese, tomato, cucumber, feta, kalamata olives and red onion

Thanksgiving Pie
gravy base, homemade fried turkey and a layer of homemade st#ffing/dressing (they censor st#ffing)

Hamburger pizza
mayo/ketchup mix as base, cheddar cheese, beef, pickles, onions, bacon and tomato after it cooks

Do you cheese this pie? Standard Mozz? Top or bottom cheese or both?

We used to do rattlesnake and alligator but they did not sell well. We still do well with Elk, Wild Boar, Pheasant and Buffalo.

I won’t bore you with the combinations we build on these wild game meats, but I can tell you that the customer digs them and they can’t price shop us on Elk pizza.

@Bodega…I’ll soon have 600lbs of elk in a freezer nearby, curious how you prep your pizza with it. Are you making into a sausage, or simply slicing up a steak? I can guarantee NO one near me would be serving one!

All meats, including wild game meats must come from a USDA certified source to be used in a restaurant.

Our Elk comes from a local USDA processor and is from Elk raised on ranches. Same species as the wild elk around here. We use a cooked 4X1 bratwurst style sausage which we slice and put on the pizza.