STRANGE Customer Request

I have this older couple that come in every Thursday to eat pizza, so today they got their usual, then the wife comes up and orders another to take home for their son, then the husband comes up & pays for it & asks me to make another pizza, BUT before I cut both pizzas he wants me to sandwich them together then cut it WTH… hes like laughing said he just wants to see what it taste like, Im looking at his wife with this strange look on my face he is like DONT tell her what your doing. OMG…

I haven’t tried to flip a pizza on top of another and then cut it, but I have tried taking two slices and flipping one on top of the other. We do it occasionally, but with a lot of toppings it can get messy real quick.

We call it a “Pizza Sandwich” :slight_smile:

The wife looked at it just as she was leaving and was shocked, it was just a pepperoni pizza so it wasn’t to hard to flip it over, I can say I dont think I will do that again :lol:

Sounds like a “Calzone” or “Panzerotti”…

If it was my customer I would comp him a calzone one time! but that’s just me!

I’ll stack 50 of them on top of each other if they’re paid for.

I second that!