Strange large tipper

Last Wednesday one of our drivers called and told me he needed to talk to me after his first run. He had a $13.00 order and the girl, about 12 years old, handed him a $50.00 and said keep the change. He told her it was a fifty and that would be a $37.00 tip and she said she knew and to have a nice night. The weird part is that one of our competitors pulled up the same time he did, also with a small order and she gave him a fifty and said to keep the change. He talked to the other driver before he left and neither one saw a parent. My guy has been keeping $30.00 on his pocket in case mom or dad calls and is upset. Today the same girl called, ordered a minimum order and said she needed change for a $100.00. The same driver went and she tipped him about $20.00. Again no parents around. It just seems strange, I am wondering if the kid is getting into here parents emergency stash. If this were your shop would you be concerned? It’s like I feel something is not right, but have no idea what to do about it.

I would be more concerned with fake bills over her stealing her parents money personally. Specially with such large tips being given for such a small amount of sale.

We are part of the communities we live in and that includes keeping an eye on the activities of our young people. The girl is too young to be responsible for tipping that much. As a parent I would hope that a business would bring it to my attention.

I suggest that you (the owner) call the home during the day while the girl is presumably in school and say that while you and your driver appreciate the business and the generosity you feel that you should be checking back with the parents to be sure this is all OK. If the phone is the kid’s cell I would drive to the home and knock on the door.

If they tell you everything is fine that is great but if not…

BTW, the fact that another driver showed up makes me think this is some kind of test.

BTW, the fact that another driver showed up makes me think this is some kind of test.

This is exactly what I thought when I read the original post

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