Strange stuff

Last night, about 2 min before closing a woman waked in with her daughter and asked if we kept a record of all our delivery orders. I said yes, of course. She told me a driver showed up with a pizza at her house last Friday at about 11:15 PM and they had not ordered a pizza, she wanted to know who had called it in. I told her it wasn’t us because we close at 11PM on Fridays and had actually had a slow Friday and out last delivery was called in at about 10:15. At 11PM all my drivers were clocked out. She said they guy had a car topper and pizza bag. She was pretty sure it was one of ours. I am not missing one, but she may be mistaken. The two drivers I had working at close Friday were both in the shop when they came in and neither the woman nor her daughter recognized either of them. I am 100% sure it was not one of my employees.
We are the only people that deliver out there so in their mind, if they see a car topper, it must be us. There have been quite a few break ins in that area. Is it possible somebody is pretending to be delivering pizza to a dark house to find out if it is empty? If someone answers you make it look like it must have been a prank call. If no answer you steal the x-box, laptop and jewelry. I am going to be seeing the resident deputy tomorrow at breakfast and talk to him about it. The woman did mention the break ins in the area too, so she is also thinking this but in her mind our name is attached to it which bothers me.


Rick I would first give her a free pizza or two and make sure she is 100% understanding that it was not your drivers. Then since the entire area knows of the break-ins…how about a new delivery policy where your driver calls the house 5 minutes out to help put customers a little at ease when opening the door. Maybe a delivery code word that the driver gives the customer before opening door. Change the word daily…todays word is “sausage”…simple and might make a select few feel better off! Just some thoughts…always the shoot first and then verify drivers info after eating hot pizza of course! :wink:

I just had a new customer stop in saying that her husband just caught someone trying to break into their house, they were driving a van with a car topper, luckly our local officer was here they are going to check it out, this is the first for us, but have heard it it happening in other states

I have actually offered the use of car toppers and pizza bags to the local sheriff if they want to roll up on a house without arousing suspicion.