Street Database

Has anyone found a reliable Street Database program? I’d like to find something free but I’m not having much luck. I cannot use OpenMaps by Mapquest, their data works off of Hamlets that dates back to the 1800s when different towns were called different names. Very annoying.

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Speedline used to sell one that integrated with their system. I’m sure if its still around or not?

Speedline pulls the mapping data from Bing maps now. I am not sure where the get the actual street databases from, but guessing it is from Bing.

Maybe try I don’t think they offer a program but it does say they offer digital maps.

They had the “Street Wizard” before but it went away in version 7

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Yeah, I’ve asked them if there’s a way to pull that data into the actual street database, they said it wasn’t possible. Maybe it’s changed in the past few months so I’ll follow up on that

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I’m going to look into that right now. Thanks!

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Hi Steve. Yes, the streets database is for address verification—to speed up order entry (with autofill) and help keep your customer data clean, especially if you use it for mailing. The data is from GDS, and you can find it in the store on our Customer Support site. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, the cities where your stores are located may have some data available, although it may not be in a form you can import easily. It looks like Pittsburgh has quite a bit of open data available. You would have to look through it to see whether you can pull out the specific streets data you need.