street database

does anyone know where i can get a street database for my area
thank you

While you ‘may’ be able to find street names in a database form, I suspect that only YOU know which streets are in your delivery area. Someone has to customize the available info to fit your area.

The street database used in my store was made up by manually programming every street (many including address ranges) into the computer. You could input all the main roads and ‘thru streets’ in neighborhoods to begin with, and then add them one at a time as new orders come in. You could pay experienced drivers to spend an hour or two each day adding and/or verifying more streets. You could look at old delivery info to get a list of the streets that you have already delivered to, unless this is a new location.

I would imagine after a week or two you could easily have 90% or more of your area entered in the computer. Our maps are divided into sectors (generally neighborhoods) for ease of finding street names on the map quickly. Maybe do one ‘sector’ a day?

The cost of not having an accurate street database is upset customers who you later call back to inform them that Although you took their order as a delivery, you now realize that you don’t deliver there, would they like to come pick their order up? Or wasted employee time running to the map for most orders and trying to find the street (many ‘phone people’ or ‘insiders’ are not well versed in the delivery area and do poorly in determining if ‘we deliver there’). Wasted food costs for those orders that are made before a driver tell you that ‘we don’t go there’ and then the customer don’t want to come in and pick it up, even after a discount for the stores error.

Drivers may resent (I do) being told to take a delivery out side of the delivery area ‘just this one time’ with or without additional mileage. Even with additional mileage pay, you may be asking the driver to go to an area unfamiliar to them which also may not be a safe area. For safety reasons alone I would not send drivers outside of the designated delivery area. If you are a franchise, other legal and contractual issues may arise.

Having an accurate method of determining what places you deliver to promotes efficiency of people, time and money, and allows you to determine the perceived safety of areas BEFORE you send a driver out there alone with cash and food. Like anything else with computers you get out of it what you put into it. garbage in, garbage out. Take the time to do it right, and most everyone is happy. :smiley: (Except those outside of your area! :frowning: )

what is your zipcode?

thanks everyone my zip is 13634

Have not used them but saved the link from someone.

Yep, I have to second The Map Shop.

Not cheap, but very nice. Customized to you delivery area - and comes with a extremely detailed file (upon request) containing street/grid information.

I’ve been using them for years. Ask for Steve.

That’s so cool! What is it likely to cost? I wondering why they don’t mail brochures about their product to every pizza shop in the country. (besides the exorbitant cost!) I learned something tonight! (that they can supply a list with only your streets on it)

About $300 depending on the dimensions you want. Future updates are only $125 which include a new map and file.

You can define a circular radius from a point, or your can draw a specific delivery area.

The database provided will include only street and street number ranges that fall into the delivery area you choose.

For example, if “main st” has parts both in and outside of your delivery area, the database will only have “2400 5600 Main St” in it.

Thats perfect and the price seems more than reasonable.