Streetza Pizza

Hello PMQ Think Tank.
I found Streetza mentioned in one of the think tank discussions. Thought I should register and see
what kind of helpful information is on the forum. We have been pretty fortunate in the amount of
success and publicity we’ve received over the past 5 months. A well-branded mobile pizza kitchen.
I think it is an industry first. Feel free to contact me if anyone has any questions or wants to learn more.

Looking forward to interacting with the community.


Scott Baitinger
Streetza Limited
Milwaukee, WI :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the family. There are many things to learn here. I am always learning from the people here.

Do you guys make your dough in the mobile unit or do you have a shop also?

Welcome. Dark background with black text isn’t very smart IMO…

We have a commercial kitchen where we make everything. If only we could fit a 30 quart Hobart mixer on board. :slight_smile:
The Streetza truck is essentially a big mobile oven.

And, thank you for the welcome. Wish I knew about this site about 6 months ago. Lots had to be learned via trial and error.

Better late than never. How did you ever miss us? LOL
Do you pick up dressed skins and bake on the way to the delivery.
Tell us something about your concept. We’re always eager to learn how others operate.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We make from scratch at our commercial kitchen. Store them in the truck in various coolers and freezers. There there are 4 proofing and baking steps each pie goes through. We don’t deliver, or bake while driving. Too big of a hazard. We set up shop in the busiest places in Milwaukee and sell during the busiest times. By the slice. We now offer full pies for pick up as well.

We just won 2nd place for best pizza in the city from WISN and the A-list competition. Which is amazing as we’ve been around for 6 months and the other top 5 have been around an average of 20 years each. We’ve been using social media to develop not only a customer base but a huge fan base.

Here is some of our press and awards so far…

do you park on private property or are there laws that dictates where you can just park and start selling?

(Got Otis on my brain :cry: )

Welcome to the board.

I would love to hear a bit more about your process as well.


Kris, right there with you on Otis. :cry:

Welcome Streetza,
I’ve been on your site a few times, congrats on the award. I’m also interested in the property issue, there is a truck for sale locally and I was thinking of buying it. I love to park near the college and steal some of that late nite weekend business! Thanks, and welcome again.

                                                     Willi :)

I’ll be honest. Starting a pizza truck is no easier than opening any other new pizza restaurant.
In fact, in many ways it’s even harder. Finding a nice abandoned pizza carry-out place and writing up
a new lease would have been a bit easier, and potentially less expensive.

Your first instinct is to grab the delivery truck for sale on the corner and figure out everything afterwards.
In all honesty, the truck is the easiest part of the equation.

As far as parking, it really depends on the municipality. But plan on stringent opposition from
any brick and mortar restaurants also trying to capture that late night campus business.
Milwaukee has many rules on where you can park, licenses, commissions to the city, county, etc.
So make sure to do your research.

And, branding and a comprehensive marketing plan is essential. We had a social media plan
developed which has resulted in wonderful local and national press.

We are working on a licensing agreement. That way, we remove the 2862 headaches from
launching a successful mobile pizzeria. It includes everything from sourcing insurance to
checking on local regulations, pricing strategies, food cost analysis, etc.

Give me a call and we can chat.


Scott … 70554.html

Welcome to the community! It’s always nice to hear from people looking to join the discussions on PMQ. I’m glad your mobile shop has been doing well, despite you not having been on the forums before now. :lol: [/url]