Strombolis Driving me CRAZY!!!

Ok my shop just recently started offering Strombolis and yea they are very tastey but dang it I have been having the damnedest time in making them. I cannot keep the toppings in the sandwich. They love to just spill out the sides of the sandwich. Anyone have any advice on keeping them together while I do this?

I use a Hoagie bun, then all the toppings key ingediant being sausage. using a sausage that is finely ground. Put the sandwiches together then put them on a grill for 30 seconds per side to get it good and toasted. Then I run in the oven for another 5 minutes to make sure everything is good and gooey inside. My intention is not keeping the sandwich together forever, just through the cooking process. Any tips that might help?

Never heard of a stromboli being made that way. I have only seen them made with dough, rolled/wrapped, and baked.

Even though what you are making is not a stromboli try cutting the sub bun open after you grill it. Just don’t cut it open very far (less than you are now). If they are pre cut then maybe you should make your own buns.

I see them around here made the same way lol. Well most don’t actually toast it on a grill at all they just bake it all together and then put the two halves together.

The hoagie buns come uncut so we cut them ourselves. If it is not considered a Stromboli then what is it? Just a pizza Sandwich? Thats how everyone in my area makes them. Well ok there are other places that do it with dough and they are cool too but the toasted sandwich seems to be awsome just need to find a way to keep it together through the cooking process… Was thinking about purchasing a sandwich press. Cook both sides at once…

Another thought is to cook both of them seperate and then fold the two halves together…

Are you cutting the buns all the way in half first?

I would only cut it open enough so you can fill it, so the bun is still in one piece.

Yes, its a pizza sandwich.

Anyway, When I make a similiar sandwich, I don’t cut the bread all the way through, but enough so the sides are still attached. Set on a piece of foil that is sprayed with nonstick spray, put the filling on the bread open face, top with cheese, set in the oven. When it comes out of the oven, carefully close the sandwich.

good luck

Hi, I am not sure what you are trying to make. On my menu, strombolis are made with our pizza dough, in the shape of a half moon, and pinched together at the seams. I have never heard of a stromboli made out of a hoagie bun. If you are going to use a hoagie bun, you should stop the double cooking process, and pick either on the grill, or in the oven. If you are using the oven put the sandwich open faced, with toppings and your cheeses mixed together on the bun, that should stop everything from falling out.

doughgirl, what your making sounds more like a calzone or a panzarotti.

How about hollowing out some of the bread to create a pocket for the toppings to rest in? Try it. And yes, technically it is not a Stromboli that you are making- but who cares, you call it whatever you like! The half moon item that someone mentioned sounds like a calzone. A stromboli I believe is made with dough filled with toppings and folded or " tri folded".

In our place a stromboli is our pizza dough folded in half with sauce,cheese and whatever toppings they want. Our calzone is the same except it has ricotta cheese and the sauce on the side.

Thanks for all the responces. the problem has been solved, all the sandwiches I made today were perfectly easy and reduced mess and waste to a very acceptable level. I cut the bread so that it was in halves but still joined by a small pice of bread keeping them together. Put the pizza toppings and sause and cheese then fried it open on the grill, put in the oven for 5 minutes to melt everything and crisp the bread a little more. Put together and then cut and was so awsome. The sandwich even stayed together better for the customers this way, and the toppings stayed on so there was more for the customer on it thinking that I had put on a bunch of extra. AWSOME thanks for all the suggestions.

As for the debate on wether these are actually strombolis or not. WHO CARES lol. It is how my region makes them and what we call them out here. The whole thing with the dough and everything makes me think more of a Calzone. But I’m thinking that this is all a matter of regional preference much as the debate over deep or neopolitan crust. Once again the main thing that matters here - The Customers Go CRAZY for them -

Easy money though wish I could drop food cost on them, its costing about 2.50 a piece to make, and only charging $5.00 for them to the customers.

My calzones have ricotta in them, my strombolis do not.

Maset, we do the same.