Struggling with the crispy pizza

I owned my own place for 34 years, and am now running an operation in the mountains of NY. The owners want a thin and crispy bottomed pizza, ny style. And I’m having mountains of problems with it. Crispy edges, soft centers. Does it have to be cooked without a pan on the stones? Is an aluminum pan a no no? I didn’t cook my own pizza like this (and I’ll be opening my own shop again in a few months) and it was a huge success, but these owners want a NY style without a coal oven or wood fired oven. We have a double stack Baker’s Pride (which I hate, by the way. The hot spots in it are wicked). Does one need a pizza screen if you don’t want to cook it naked on the stones? My pizza bottom is crisp when it first comes out, but softens up by the time it’s brought out. And the owners want a FAST cook pizza. I’ve read, lectured them about what you want and get are two different things. Does Pizza Crisp work? What about semolina on the bottom? Am I asking too many questions? Anyhow, and advice and thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated! :!: By the way, I usually flip it out of the pan 3/4 of the way thru the cooking.

first what temp are you cooking @? next how much dough are you using for a large pie? i suggest a screen over a pan, but cornmeal and a paddle may be a better answer. let us know more

What color is your pan? Dark colored or is it a bright silver color?
What temperature are you baking at?
Does the dough formula contain sugar or eggs?
From what you have described it sounds as if either your oven is too hot, you have sugar in the dough formula, or your pans might have a bright color. If you can answer the above questions this will help us to identify the underlying problem.
No, you don’t need a coal fired oven, or even a wood fired oven to bake great New York style pizza. We do it with regular deck ovens and air impingers all the time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

dont use a screen or pan put it right in oven, i make ny style pizza yeah also use semolina flour or cornmeal makes crispy crust