stuck on 8000

seem to be stuck on 8000 weekly , took the store over 3 years ago and have doubled sales,but seem to hitting a wall . learning daily still , would love any ideas that might help … thanks

A few questions I have are: What are the details of your market? What kind of shop are you running? What is your current marketing strategy?


Along the same lines of piemaker, what’s your market? Are you getting 20% of market or 100%??? What’s your room to grow??

Is any of your “stall” due to your competitors getting more aggressive in their pricing and/or marketing? Sometimes despite your best efforts, your results can be affected by other activities in your marketplace…

Aside from the obvious questions raised above… there are worse places to be stuck than $8000! Imagine being stuck at $6000, or $4000… or…

While growth is not happening, be sure to keep a sharp eye on costs and quality.