stuff falling off

Has anyone had this issue? After the pizza is done and cut, we have been finding, especially on the larger pies, that the items start to fall/slide off from the middle. It usually happens on the pizzas that have more items i.e combo, veggie. What is the issue? Thanks for the advice.


What kind of oven do you use?
What Temp is the pizza cooked?
How long is the pizza cooked?
How much sauce do you put on and how big is the pizza?
Is the sauce watery or thick?
Could it be that the pizza is too hot to eat??

Where does it fall to? lol

You mean like in the box or when you pick up a slice to eat it and all the toppings/cheese falls off?

Make sure to keep the pizzas right side up

But seriously, try Japanese bread crumbs after the cheese and before the toppings.

Or try letting the pizza cool off a little before closing the box and putting it in a hot bag.

pizza is flat…if its all over the box, id say your drivers are driving fast and taking turns quickly.

To answer your questions…We don’t have drivers, so if it falls off in the box, then it’s the customers fault. Our oven is at 525 degrees, double stack garland gas oven. It falls off after the pizza is cut and taken home. I’m sure the customers keep it right side up but I have seen people carry it out underneath their arm. What are they thinking!!! The sauce is fairly thick, we put on about 6oz. of sauce and the sizes that we’re concerned with is 16 & 18". Cooking time is 6-8 minutes (depending on the size). Didn’t really think about the “to hot” issue. Thanks for the input.

do you mean the toppings slide? or is the crust soggy and the pizza just colapses? not much you can do about topping sliding especially when you use certain cheeses, but with the soggy pizza issue… steam is most likely your culprit, that or to much sauce.

i use 4oz for a 16inch pie…that seems like enough. maybe thats your problem. Or your customers have heavy feet

make pizzas the correct way…everything under the cheese. i can’t stand a pizza with ingredients on top.

Me too!

Sounds like too much oil on rhe dough skin if you’re oiling it prior to dressing, or you might be applying too much sauce, or the amount might be right, but you have an excessively heavy concentration of sauce in the center of the dough skin. Any of these can result in the toppings sliding off of the baked pizza, usually with one of the first bites from the slice, or as the slice is lifter from the pie.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’ll suggest another piece of the pie to lok at. The crust may be what I call “wedging”. If our stretched skin is too thick around the outside, and thereby overly thinner in the middle, the collar rises up too high, and the resulting crust has a pronounced slope from edge to center. Toppings slide to pool too much in center and cause eating disorder. The “one bite gets all the cheese/toppings” phenomenon.

It may be something worth checking in your pies . . . might not be part of your issue at all, but it could be worth a look?