Stuffed Green Olives

Has anyone used or tasted stuffed green olives on a pizza?
My wife thinks we should add them to a few of our Gourmet range pizzas but my thoughts are that they will be too expensive to use and that they may go hard when cooked as they are usually harder than the sliced spanish olive or the halve kalamatta ones we now use.
Any thoughts, comments ?

Topic should read STUFFED GREEN OLIVES. I think my keyboard is stuffed, not the green olives

I fixed it for you.

Thanks Richard. But no suggestions ?? :confused:

Like martini olives? Seems odd to me. What would you combine them with?

mmmm blue cheese stuffed olives! i prefer them in my dirty martinis…but it may work as a pizza topping maybe jalapeno stuffed olives… pimento stuffed olives may not seem all that premium. and you would have to use small olives cant imagine trying to eat i slice with colossal green olives on them.

I am curious about the cost, typically olives stuffed with premium items are rather expensive, and I think they’d be hard to slice and keep it contained in the oilve.

Way back in my pizza career when I was a substitute manager for the Dominos on Lake Street in Minneapolis (1979) we had both black and green olives on the menu. The green olives were not stuffed. I remember that the Korean massage parlor on the next block (store was in a great part of town) used to order pizzas with them on it. Almost nobody else did.

We are about evenly split between Black & Green olive usage here, our green olives are NOT stuffed with pimento or anything else, just sliced green olives.
We used to offer Gorgonzola as an available topping, but the usage was so rare that we discontinued it, . We were losing more than we were using. And I also just did a sales search, and found that in the last 18 months, we only had 4 pies go out with anchovies on them