Stuffed Pizza

Anyone serving a stuffed pizza, tried making one, Made a deep dish filled with ingredients and put a crust on top, holes in crust, sauce on top of top crust. Turned out great except the top crust didn’t cook. I belive my sauce stopped heat from cooking crust. I did one where I cooked for 30 min with no sauce and then put sauce on and cooked another 10 min it turned out fine. I believe in chicago they put sauce on top and cook don’t have to do the two stages. Anyone have any ideas.
Thanks, Kel

Trainer ,

Here in Chicago we definitely put the sauce on before cooking the pizza. The top crust should be a very thin crust (almost paper thin). Yes it does stay a bit soft but thats the way it should be since its covered with sauce. Also the bottom crust should be a bit thicker.

Hope that helps,

I’m from The Windy City too, and that’s the way we did it, but I’ve come to like it a little different. What I do now is to line the pan with the bottom crust, then add the filling, followed by a paper thin top crust (be sure to cut or tear a couple holes in it to vent it), I then bake it for approximately 4-minutes, this par-bakes the top crust, then I apply the top sauce and put the pizza back into the oven to finish baking. When using an air impingement oven, just set the bake time at 1/2 of normal, this way when the pizza comes out the first time it is ready to be topped, then placed back into the oven for finishing.
By the way, even using this method, the top crust still comes out non-descript, lost in the mass of the pizza. If you’re looking for a crispy or better defined top crust, it just ain’t gonna happen.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I do a stuffed pizza with a crispy top. Since I used to work in the mall based pizza shops, I brought some of that training with me. I use a baking soda and water mix. It helps to make it crispy and brown it. I also put my sauce on the side. Obviously, a liquid on top will not give a crispy crust.

I’m from Chicago and I know of a couple places (myself included) that cook the pizzas first until it started getting a little brown, then sauced and cooked for another 10 minutes.

try using a thinner crust on top and brush it with egg wash.